Let's be honest! The number of hobbies available for the majority of us is enormously huge. Some of us ride a bicycle, someone is attached to yoga or capoeira, someone takes care of a British blue cat, and someone decides to learn shaving with a straight razor! So a straight razor is the topic of this article. We will discuss how to choose and take care of it.

Before buying this unique tool, you need to understand that it is impossible to shave smoothly without experience. The probability that you will face some difficulties before you master how to use it professionally equals to 86.7%.

You need experience and a lot of training to reach perfection in shaving with this unusual tool. Therefore, do not be afraid of cuts and other accidents from the first attempt. You have to try this tool at least for one month to understand if you like this beard shaving method or not. It is a really unique method and has its own features. Therefore, you need some time to experiment with it, and after, you can make the conclusion. 

How to choose a straight razor?

How to choose a straight razorIf you decide to buy a straight razor, it is better to follow these guidelines:

We recommend you pay attention to the ones with a convex round head. These razors are quite practical and can shave stubble even in hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, they are relatively safe, and the risk of cutting the skin is minimal. For example, a square blade has sharpened edges that can cause an extremely painful cut.

If you didn't follow our first recommendation and bought a square-head razor, don't forget to blunt its edges. On this issue, it is better to trust with this task a razor expert who won't damage the tool. 

It is better to buy a straight razor with a long blade. Short blades increase the possibility of cutting and are utterly inconvenient. 

Choose your razor according to the quality of the blade, but not the design. Some straight razors attract with their unique design, but the quality is not good enough. Therefore, we think buying razors based on the look is impractical. As time passes, everything loses its original appearance, but the quality of the steel must remain the same. 

The high price is not always an indicator of quality. Sometimes small companies make better razors at a lower price than popular and well-known brands. We will recommend the best options, so you avoid paying extra.

How not to buy a fake straight razor?

How to choose a straight razorAlmost any product has all kinds of fakes and Chinese counterfeits. The straight razors market is not an exception. It is not easy to determine the quality of the product based on its appearance, especially if you buy it from the internet. 

Here are a couple of tips for recognizing a fake razor:

  • The original straight razor has a stamp (engraving), and the fake one has a logo which is usually painted. After some time, it is erased.
  • There must be a drawing of the highest quality.
  • The surface from the sharpening of the razor must be seen on the edge of the blade and on its back.

Take a look at the list of blades that we recommend and be sure that these tools are original with the highest quality. 

What you have to know before buying a straight razor.

How to choose a straight razorIn case you buy a straight razor, you need to know how to take care of it. If you do not know how to sharpen its blade, you won't be able to get the expected result. Indeed, even in the most elite stores, razors are sold without final sharpening.

The manufacturer carries out this procedure, but not to such an extent that the buyer can use the razor immediately after purchasing it and get a perfect shave. Therefore, you should never use an unsharpened blade or otherwise, you can scratch the skin, damage the stubble, and get disappointed.

You can try on your own to bring the razor to perfect sharpness, or give it to the professional who will do the job properly! The second option is preferable as you save time, nerves, and money since the risk of damaging the blade with an unsuccessful sharpening disappears.

How to care for a straight razor

How to choose a straight razorBefore buying this marvelous tool, you should also be aware of how to care for it. After each shaving, the razor should be rinsed and dried. It is better to keep it away from dampness. 

Be extremely cautious to avoid dropping the razor as it may cause some unpleasant consequences! Even the smallest chipping can significantly affect the quality of your shave. Instead of perfect, even shaving, you will tear hair and scratch skin. Never use the razor for other purposes, for example, for shearing animals, cutting paper, etc.

The best straight razors on the market, according to HairGC:

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How to choose a straight razor

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Thus, shaving with a straight razor is a truly masculine and beautiful ritual that requires training and experience. When you master how to use it, you will enjoy every shaving process and take pleasure from perfectly smooth skin.