Scissors for a beard: How to choose?

Scissors for a beard: How to choose?Scissors are one of the most vital tools for those who have a beard and need to shape it. If you decided to grow a long beard, don't count only on a trimmer. Without scissors, it is almost impossible to properly trim it in a modern style you strive to have.

This issue is even more relevant for professional barbers who mercilessly exploit these tools cutting dozens of beards each and every day. Therefore, it is unacceptable for the instrument to fail for any reason. Scissors are used for various purposes, having distinctive types, shapes, the material of manufacture. So, let's discuss how to choose scissors and not make a mistake.

It would be hard to name a particular sort of scissors or brand that is the best in the saturated market of barber products. Ask any barber, which brand is better to use. Believe us, the answers will be completely different. 

Mainly, there two types of scissors. First is simple-bladed scissors, which is a perfect choice for a beginner, as it allows you to make an accurate cut and smooth contours. The second is thinner scissors, which are used more often in barbershops. Sometimes they perform 70-80% of the overall trimming procedures.

Scissors for a beard: How to choose?

What to pay attention to choosing scissors

Scissors for a beard: How to choose?Scissors for a beard must be selected carefully, as the perfection of your beard cut depends both on a barber's skills and the quality of the tool. Therefore, buying scissors, pay attention to these features:

Comfort. The professional tool should fit well in your hand. This way, it doesn't wear out much. It's important to know that scissors are not symmetrical. The blade of one handle is straight. This makes it easier to cut the hair along the cover, keeping the tool straight, excluding angular declination.

What it's made of. Choose the ones made of steel with the addition of cobalt and molybdenum additives. The handles are usually made of a softer material than steel. Cobalt keeps sharpness longer, and molybdenum gives strength and flexibility.

Connecting mechanism. Scissors have a screw at the attachment point between one blade and the other, which can be tightened or loosen with a screwdriver. There are models where the screw has a tip adjustment knob.

Blade type. Some blades are convex, with beveled edges.

Length. Choose barber scissors that are made of long blades. This makes it easier to cut a straight line with minimal movement. Scissors with short blades require more effort to get the result.

Sharpening. The tool should have a real sharpness, effectively cutting off a bunch of strands with a thickness of 1.25 cm.

Attention! Don't forget to buy scissors regarding your dominant hand. If you are left-handed, it will be way too hard to get used to the right-handed tool. It may cause wrist pains, and take a long time to retrain to the non-dominant hand.

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Scissors for a beard: How to choose?

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Scissors sharpening

Scissors for a beard: How to choose?The frequency of sharpening depends entirely on how you exploit and care for this tool. Moreover, we should take into consideration the material it's made of and the type of blade. If you are not a barber than don't worry about this process, you won't need it for years to come. Otherwise, if you are a barber, you know better than us how intensively scissors are used almost every day. In this case, scissors must be sharpened every 3-6 months, depending on their condition.

Trust with this process professionals, as various types of scissors need different sharpening equipment. If the cost of the tool is conditionally $10, you need to sharpen it every 2 months. Therefore, buying scissors that are too cheap is useless. And remember, sharpening reduces the lifespan of the tool.

How to care for scissors

Scissors for a beard: How to choose?After using scissors, the blade surface is covered with hair, sebum, and dust. Therefore, wash it with warm water and soap to remove any particles. Then lubricate the edges and screw pair with special oil. The oil destroys the remaining moisture and prevents corrosion.

Another very valid point is the adjustment of the blade tension. It is vital to configure it correctly. On the one hand, if the screw is tightly driven, the friction of the blades will increase, and your wrist will quickly get tired. On the other hand, the softly driven screw will wrinkle beard hair when cutting, increasing the stress on your fingers. In the first case, the cutting edges will quickly become dull, and in the second, a beard will suffer. To avoid this, you should find the right balance. 

Treat the tool with care. Put it on the table carefully, closed, so that the blades remain intact. Cover it with a cloth napkin, folding all inventory. It would be better if you don't exploit them much for the first two weeks.

Do not squeeze much the handles of the tool. And protect your hands from cuts.


Whether you are a bearded man striving to take care of your beard on your own, or experienced barber who cuts dozens of beards every day, you need to have high-quality scissors. This tool is not only a necessity but also a vogue tool that transforms beard shaping into a real ritual.