A beard, designer stubble, a mustache, or a clean-shaven face?

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07 Jul

What is better, to have a clean-shaven face, designer stubble, a mustache, or a groomed beard? This question hasn't lost its importance for decades. People always discuss it actively, and nothing, even a particular trend in fashion, cannot make it less intriguing. On the one hand, most women consider a beard or mustache as an attractive element of a man's masculine image. On the other hand, a clean-shaven face makes a relationship between man and woman a little bit more convenient. Let's discuss the benefits of these styles and decide which of them suits you more. 

Designer stubble

designer stubbleFace covered with stubble has been in trend since the 1980s. We should admit that nowadays, this trend is more popular than beards or mustaches and much easier to follow. Take a closer look at the famous actors, who have a slight unshaven face - Downey, Statham, Butler, Cruz, Willis, Costner. The list goes on and on.

However, stubble lovers should be more careful with their girlfriends. It's hard for men to imagine how tough and painful it is for women to kiss or rub a stubbled cheek. Try to be careful and reduce situations that can harm your loved one. It should be a matter of concern primarily for men with stiff hair.

Never confuse a not shaven face with a designer stubble. Like other beard styles, you need to shape it correctly. First, do not shave for several days until your stubble reaches at least 3 cm. Then, carefully trim your neck to create a line under your chin and clean-shaven the area beneath. Do the same on your cheek and clean the skin above the line. After, trim your beard to the length of stubble. 

designer stubble


a mustacheGrowing a mustache is an ambiguous way to attract people's attention. There are plenty of mustache styles: Latinos, gypsy, pimping, and so on. If a hundred years ago a mustache was an integral part of man's image, nowadays, only brave people who do not pay attention to public opinion can grow it. 

Do not follow the modern trends. A mustache should suit you. If you choose an unusual style that is popular but doesn't fit you, it can ruin your image. Before choosing your particular mustache style, think about how it will match your hairstyle. 

Yes, some women are crazy about a mustache. Why? The answer is simple. If you can grow and keep it shaped and groomed, then it characterizes you as a neat and responsible person, something all women want to see in their beloved one. 

a mustache

A clean-shaven face

a clean-shaven faceA clean-shaven image is the basis of the business dress code. According to various studies in this field, a clean-shaven image inspires trust in people. In most cases, a clean-shaven face and a classic suit form the image of a reliable partner. Therefore, it's not a coincidence that all respectable companies demand from their employees to always be clean-shaven. 

Many women adore smooth cheeks and chin, as a clean-shaven face does not cause irritation and inconveniences when someone touches or kisses it. Moreover,  a clean-shaven look is the most hygienic. It does not need special care and makes your look neat instantly.

a clean-shaven face

A beard

A beardIt's so hard to guess which beard style is popular currently, as fashion on beards changes all the time. However, if you have chosen to have an image of a solid, reliable man, then do not worry, fashion on this style never becomes outdated. A groomed shaped beard suits all styles of clothing and haircuts. You have to be cautious with classic clothes, there are minor details to pay attention, but nothing unsolvable. But with casual apparel, it works in all variations. Various jackets, jeans, chinos, shirts - you have a lot of options. You need to strain your imagination, find the time, and experiment with your wardrobe. 

Brutal appearance can win many women. Perhaps this is the genetic memory of prehistoric times. The image of a powerful, reliable protector and hunter lies firmly in the female subconscious. 

However, you have to take care of your facial hair - wash, comb, trim. Do not believe that a beard is disturbing. Nothing like this! When you get used to it, it will be hard to imagine life without a beard. Get a trimmer, scissors, comb, and grooming means. Be patient, and you will get the result soon enough. You can read our article which can teach you how to grow a beard

A beard, designer stubble, a mustache, or a clean-shaven face?


It's up to you to decide which style suits you more. Your facial hair or its absence is an integral part of our personality. It is a way to express our emotions and emphasize the qualities we have. So, do not rush, take a minute to decide what is best for you.