Benefits of growing a beard

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09 Jan

Every man at least once in a lifetime asked himself if it worth growing a beard and what benefits it could bring. The reasons why a man makes up his mind to grow facial hair might vary. But it's clear that a beard is an ideal means to excel from the crowd and make an impression on others, especially on the opposite sex. Therefore, it is vital to know how society reacts to beards:

  • Is a beard attractive for women?
  • Or does it make us more masculine?
  • Can it make us trustworthy?
  • Does it age us and make us look experienced and confident?

All these questions need answers, and in this article, we will unveil them all based on scientific studies.

Is a beard attractive to women?

Undoubtedly, this question disturbs the minds of all men who wish to attract the opposite sex. Even if you search Google, you will face various opinions on this topic. Some girls can not hide their interest in bearded men, while others urge to shave and adore clean-shaven faces. So what does science say about it?

Scientists have long been interested in what exactly makes a man attractive to the opposite sex. In an attempt to unravel this mystery, researchers at the University of Queensland have come to a curious conclusion. They found that most women would choose a bearded man to build a serious and long-term relationship.

The aim of the study was to find out how facial hair affects the attractiveness of a man, for which they used photographs of 36 men at 4 stages of beard growth: clean-shaven, stubble (5 days), heavy stubble (10 days), and a beard (4 weeks). The study involved 8,520 women who were asked to rate men according to their attractiveness. They also had to choose men for short and long-term relationships. Most women found clean-shaven men the least attractive and preferred men with light to heavy stubble. However, bearded men were named the most attractive for long-term relationships.

benefits of growing a beard

However, the same study revealed the primary reason why beards cause a sense of distaste in women. Scientists have found that the fear of parasites repels women from bearded men. While women generally find men with beards more attractive, the possibility of facing fleas and lice leads them to opt for a clean-shaven. Researchers call this an echo of the evolutionary past.

Thus, a man needs to keep a beard neat and groomed. When women view a shaped, clean, and sweet-smelling beard, this evolutionary confusion disappears. Therefore, use various oilsbalmsshampoos, and other grooming products, to keep your beard neat. 

Does a beard make us more masculine?

There have been conducted several studies on the attractiveness of bearded men among women. These studies included the research on the masculinity of men with and without a beard. All of these studies proved that beards make men more dominant and masculine. 

As an example of such studies, we can bring to your attention the research made by Nick Neave and Kerry Shields. They also used photos with four types of faces: clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, and beards. These photos have been shown to a group of 60 widely different women with different expectations and views.

benefits of a beard

As expected, the results proved that women perceive bearded men as more dominant. According to the study, beard length and density have a direct impact on how others see us. Simply, a long beard makes us more masculine, aggressive, and socially mature.

This does not mean that women perceive masculinity as a more attractive feature in men. According to this study, masculinity went up as the amount of facial hair was raised. However, overall attractiveness did not follow this same pattern.

This makes us assert that masculinity is not always a key to women's seduction. Therefore, growing a beard may not be an option for you. On the other hand, if you think that being manhood and dominant makes you feel comfortable, then a beard, in turn, would increase your success with women. 

Can a beard make us trustworthy?

The recent research conducted on this topic has been published in the Journal of Business Research. It summed up five studies that tried to answer how bearded men were perceived in the workplace and how a beard could affect career growth.

As a result, it came out that customers believe that bearded salespeople have greater expertise. Therefore, they are perceived as more trustworthy than mustached, clean-shaven, or stubbled coworkers. This was true regardless of race, ethnicity, attractiveness, or likability and also holds true for both online and in-person sales.