Has Your Beard Stopped Growing? Here is what to do!

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14 Feb

If you are interested in this article, that apparently means you are a guy who has been growing a beard for a while or who just started growing it out recently. And when you noticed some progress, you decided to push your beard limits and go for more length. All of a sudden, you realized that it has been weeks or maybe even months that you have seen even an inch of growth! Or, probably you are a bearded guy with years of beard growth experience, and you know well what is the limit of your beard length. Nevertheless, you still want to grow it longer. No matter who you actually are. What truly matters is that in this article, we discuss the reasons why this problem occurs and ways how to fix it.

Surprisingly enough, there has not been much scientific research done on this topic. However, there are a few varying factors that can be used to determine why this phenomenon happens. Scientifically speaking, the beard hair does not really stop growing, but at the same time, it kind of does.

Let us elaborate. There is a certain length that facial hair can hit and then stop growing after that point. This point is referred to as Terminal Length. Interestingly enough, hairs on various parts of your face may have different Terminal Length. Some guys suffer from the lack of length underneath the lower lip, others around the cheeks or the chin. But the mustache is public enemy number one because that is just a stubborn area for everyone all around.

Why does a beard have a growth limit? 

To understand why most of us are not genetically blessed with the ability to grow a long beard, we have to dive a little bit deeper into how follicular growth works.

long beard

It is a combination of two factors: genetics and hormones (primarily testosterone). For sure, you know what testosterone is. It is a dude hormone that plays a role in the growth of the male reproductive tissue. It also develops muscle mass, bone density, body hair, and, you guessed it, facial hair.

However, do not think that your testosterone level has anything to do with not being able to grow facial hair at all or past a certain length. Most guys have normal testosterone levels. Nevertheless, they struggle to grow dense and long facial hair. Shortly, it is not testosterone levels that determine beard growth, but the process it passes before reaching hair follicles. And it does not apply to teenagers since their testosterone is still in a stage of development, meaning it increases till the age of 30.

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So how does the mechanism work?

Testosterone gets converted into a more potent hormone form called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). And some hair follicles have receptors on them that are very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone. That sensitivity to DHT is what stops hair growth. Briefly, it is all about the sensitivity of the hair follicles and how they interact with androgens. Therefore, a high testosterone level does not always mean that you will get a dense and long beard.

How to force facial hair to grow longer?

Assuming it is all about genetics. Then you are kind of stuck with what you have from birth. However, the lack of growth in certain areas may be due to a lack of blood flow to that area. So hypothetically, you can use a derma roller on those areas.

A derma roller is a form of micro-needling. It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a roller that has tiny titanium needles. What does it do? In addition to activating collagen and keratin production, micro-needling helps improve facial and scalp hair growth by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area. Healthy circulation is necessary for healthy hair growth and healthy skin.

Derma Roller

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That is one option! There are medications like minoxidil that can improve beard density and grow it longer. But some of these issues may be fixed by just changing up your everyday routine. It would be more cost-effective and help with your overall health, like getting enough sleep, exercising more, reducing stress levels.

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All this matters because of estrogen! Interestingly enough, your beard growth could hit a halt due to a drop in testosterone and an increase in estrogen.

That is why you should exercise more! Higher body fat levels primarily affect estrogen in men because fatty tissue gets converted into estrogen. And estrogen for us men is not really good or something we want. Especially when it comes to beard growth.

The exact same can be said for reducing stress levels. Kortezol is a hormone that gets released when you are under stress and when Kortezol gets released. Therefore, it effectively drops the effects of testosterone, so you gotta try chill, not just for your beard gains but in general. 

Working out is also an excellent way to boost testosterone production. It’s a god damn cycle: get jacked, have an awesome beard, which will therefore have you stress less. Which intern means more hypothetical beard gains for everyone.