How often should you wash your hair?

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17 Jan

It's commonly accepted that washing hair too often is harmful. In this article, we discuss how true is this assertion. 

How often should I wash my hair?

Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous answer to this question. There are opposite points of view among specialists and even scientists.  

Some trichologists think that washing hair every day might be harmful. Allegedly, frequent washing can disrupt the activity of sebaceous glands, which, in turn, can cause hair to get dirty faster. Others are sure that it is imperative to wash your hair every day. So, where is the truth?

Three factors need to be considered to correctly answer the question posed above:

  • Skin type. If your skin and hair are normal (not too oily or too dry), then you apparently need to wash your hair twice a week. If you have oily skin, you should do this a little more often - every other day. In turn, if you have dry hair, then washing it once a week would be perfect.
  • Style. The length of your hair determines how often you should wash it to keep a neat look.
  • Hair texture. This factor determines how quickly the sebum spreads from the roots along the hair length. Those who have coarse or curly hair can wash the head once a week as these types of hair slow down the sebum spread. Those who have straight hair need to wash it twice a week or even more often due to these processes. 

Most importantly, you shouldn't keep the strands greasy and dirty. Otherwise, a favorable environment for various bacterial and fungal infections appears on the scalp. This is why it is so important to choose your own personal hair wash cycle. Therefore, the question "how often should I wash my hair" doesn't seem stupid at all, which might be at first glance.

Men tend to produce more sebum than women, so they tend to wash their hair more often. Plus, it's much easier to shampoo and dry short haircuts. Young people and adolescents also tend to produce more sebum than children and the elderly.

Can I wash my hair every day if it is too oily? 

You can wash your hair as often as necessary if you use a decent shampoo. In some cases, the extra oil on your hair accumulated by the impurities of sebum may harm your scalp and hair more than washing it every day. As a matter of fact, extra sebum and oil are a breeding ground for bacteria, so we advise you to wash your hair as it gets dirty. So even if you need to wash your hair every day, there is nothing wrong with that. 

how often should I wash my hair

Does frequent washing dry your hair and increase hair loss?

This is nothing more than a myth. If your hair is oily, you can wash it every day if you like. Nothing terrible will happen. Just be sure to use a suitable conditioner and shampoo that won't harm your hair.

The drying problems may occur if you style your hair with thermal devices every day after washing. They can really dry out the strands. Therefore, use thermal protection to protect curls during hot styling. 

Can you provoke increased hair loss by washing your hair every day?

Sometimes it seems that way, especially if you have long hair. With each wash, you can see a certain amount of hair falling out. In fact, it is natural to lose about 100 hair per day. The body restores its natural hair balance. If the number exceeds this amount, then it might be a sign of Alopecia. However, long hair makes this process more apparent. But it doesn't mean that something is wrong. Therefore, natural everyday hair loss does not depend on the frequency of hair washing. 

Do external factors affect the condition of our hair?

How often your hair gets dirty depends on the environment. After all, we wash off not only excess sebum but also dust and dirt. In cities, hair becomes dirty faster than in the countryside.

The frequency of washing may also depend on whether you are keeping your hair tucked up or loose. Furthermore, what styling you do and how often, also affects hair condition. Stress is another significant factor, which affects the general condition of hair. It can make hair dry or oily.

If you are active and exercise a lot, your hair will need washing after every workout. In summer, in the heat, we sweat and produce more sebum. Hence, we need to shampoo it more often. The diet may also affect hair condition. If you change your diet and start eating fatty and salty food, it will affect the skin and the scalp. In this case, sebaceous glands strengthen their work, and hair becomes more oily.

Should you try to wash your hair less often?

You could hear a rumor saying that if you start washing your hair less often, it will get used to the new cycle and get less dirty. But it is just another myth. Do not try to adjust the frequency of washing this way.

If you do not wash your hair for a long time, it will not go into a self-cleaning mode. This is the same as cleansing the face or body. Briefly, this method won't help.