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26 Oct

Hair growth is challenging for most men because it requires a lot of time and dedication. The process can prove difficult and may seem like it is not worth the trouble, but there are a few ways you influence and speed up the process that doesn't involve rocking a wig. But how exactly do you maximize your hair growth? Is it even possible? Or is it just another myth? 

In this blog, we will give you tips on how to grow your hair faster, what to drink, what substances you should look for when buying shampoos, and what plant-based supplements may be beneficial to speed up your hair growth.

Reasons for slow hair growth?

How to grow your hair fasterOn average, hair tends to grow between 0.5 and 1.7 centimeters per month. If you are on the lower end of the spectrum, don't go buying every hair growth product imaginable right away. First, you need to understand the reasons for your slow hair growth and eliminate the root cause. The reasons can be different vitamin deficiencies, stress, aggressive styling products, genetics, lack of sleep, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle. 

Hairstyling products for men

How to grow your hair fasterThe range of hair styling tools and products for men is vast: gels, clay, wax, paste, pomade, hair spray, and different types of oil-based styling products. Some of these products work wonders for many but can be detrimental and damaging for others. For example, alcohol-based gels, varnishes, and clays dry out your hair and scalp, especially for men with thin hair follicles. The use of such products for an extensive amount of time gives the hair a dull and fragile appearance as well as causing split ends.

Stress and illness

How to grow your hair fasterStress isn't good for anything, in particular; but, when getting fatigued and are being continuously overworked, your hair loses its strength and its growth rates. In some extreme cases, it's been proven to cause hair loss and hair thinning in subjects with a genetic predisposition to hair thinning or male pattern baldness in men and women alike.

In the case of illnesses such as hormonal disorders, difficulties with the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid diseases, the hair strands fade become brittle and split. Split ends can be a pain. Although your hair growth-rate may be optimal, regardless of your circumstances, the break-off tips will make it difficult for you to notice any progress.

Bad habits like smoking and drinking an excessive amount can be especially detrimental. Nicotine causes vasospasm, which restricts blood flow to the entire body, constricting the blood vessels, provoking nutritional deficiencies, causing the hair to grow slowly. Alcohol dehydrates the body. It causes raised estrogen and reduced zinc levels, which decreases the rate of hair growth in men significantly.

Diet And Vitamins

How to grow your hair fasterA healthy diet plays a central role in the condition of your hair; it is not a secret. Try to include an assortment of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet that we have listed below. 

  • Vitamin A - protects hair follicles from the influence of negative factors such as dryness and fragility ( Fruits, Fish, Meat, cheese, and orange vegetables) can be of help.
  • Vitamin B - helps strengthen the hair and protects from split ends. (green beans, broccoli, spinach, oats, eggs, nuts, and beef ) can be of help.
  • Vitamin C - strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases the production of collagen, which makes the hair more elastic. Citrus fruits, kiwi, berries, broccoli, and parsley contain an abundance of vitamin C.
  • Vitamin E - accelerates the growth of hair and strengthens the roots. foods that will help you are (vegetable oil, eggs, cabbage, nuts)
  • Vitamin K - is helps your hair stay shiny and healthy. Foods that will help you are: tomato, onion, liver, carrot, parsley, cabbage.
  • Vitamin H - protection against scalp flaking and dandruff. It's often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. Foods that will help you are chicken, cheese, sour cream, cereals, peas.

An active lifestyle

How to grow your hair fasterPhysical activity, sports, taking walks every day, even taking cold showers - all help with increasing blood circulation. You don't have to set world records for running or lifting three times your body weight. The key is being consistent. If you have joint or tendon related health problems, you can always opt for yoga, and consequently, improve the condition of your hair.

Head massage 

How to grow your hair fasterBlood is the primary source of nutrition for hair follicles. Blood circulation helps supply the scalp and hair with vital micronutrients. A light scalp massage helps to increase blood flow, so have your partner or even yourself gently stroke, rub your scalp with their fingertips. Start at the base of your neck, gradually going up. Linger on the crown, temples, forehead. You can rub in oils that stimulate hair growth - rosemary or coconut oils are recommended. Just 10 minutes a day will yield noticeable results in approximately a month or so.

Professional hair care products

Hair growth stimulants can be found in any pharmacy. They strengthen the hair strands and, depending on the brand, can even help accelerate hair growth. But in most cases, they're just false advertisements. Always keep in mind to never solely rely on products found in jars and bottles. The right product can solve several problems simultaneously. They relieve dryness, grease gives your hair an overall shine and healthy look.


How to grow your hair fasterShampoos and conditioners that offer protection or restoration of weakened, brittle hairs are where you want to start. Look for shampoos and conditioners that have: green coffee, goji berries, extracts of ginseng, pepper, or vitamin complexes.


The active components of the serum enhance the metabolism of hair follicle cells, increase growth rates, and help resist hair loss. Choose your product carefully and read the instructions. Each serum may be suited for different skin types and hair problems, and its application may be different from that of another.

Hair masks

Professional masks that stimulate hair growth are selected according to skin type and composition. In complex care, it is better to use products of the same brand - this will maximize the effect. Hair masks typically have smaller particles, so the product absorbs better, and your hair stays conditioned for longer.