Minoxidil: Foam vs liquid

3 min read
16 Jul

It's generally accepted that minoxidil is the prominent hair loss medication well known all over the world. Millions of people using this medication stumble across the dilemma of which brand and form to buy. If you are still on the stage of choosing the brand, go check out our blog about the top 3 minoxidil brand. But if you are here to find out what form of minoxidil medication is the best for you, then this is the right place and without further ado, let's dive into the topic! 

So, some minoxidil brands produce this medication in the form of foam or liquid. Some people prefer the foam others like the liquid form. Shortly, in terms of efficiency, they are both equal. However, there are some differences.

Both the foam and the liquid contain the same amount of minoxidil. Both are clinically proven to be equally effective in treating baldness and restoring hair growth. That is why people tend to choose based on additional properties. For example, price and convenience of usage are more relevant in this case.

The foam

In contrast to the liquid, the foam has been invented not long ago. It has been released in 2006 and got its popularity right away. Its consistency reminds a mere foam for shaving.

The most important reason customers liked the foam so much is that it was free of propylene glycol and alcohol, which could irritate and dry the skin. Moreover, the foam is more convenient to use.

Pros of the foam:

  • Does not cause dandruff and irritation;
  • The active substance is absorbed more quickly;
  • The foam dries much faster;
  • The foam is more convenient to apply, and the procedure itself takes very little time;
  • No pipettes or applicators are required;
  • Does not leave marks and does not make hair greasy.

Cons of the foam:

  • The foam usually costs more than the liquid;
  • You should apply correctly, or it may be absorbed slower than needed. This is because a lot of the substance may remain on the hair. 

The liquid

The liquid form of minoxidil has been helping people around the world in fighting baldness for decades. Its main advantage is that the solution is usually cheaper than foam. But at the same time, it is not inferior to it in terms of efficiency. The consistency is a slightly yellowish oily solution.

Pros of the liquid:

  • Usually, it costs twice as cheap as foam;
  • Not inferior in terms of efficiency;
  • It is consumed more effectively, as less substance remains on the hair;
  • The solution is non-toxic and odorless;
  • There is a pipette-dispenser with which you can accurately measure the required amount of the substance;

Cons of the liquid:

  • In rare cases, the solution may cause itching, irritation, dryness, and dandruff;
  • Using a pipette is less convenient than applying the foam;


By and large, it is up to you which form of minoxidil to use. As you already know, both have pros and cons. That is why you should choose the one that suits your particular demands. Buying the liquid saves money, but the foam makes it more comfortable to use. Sometimes people switch from the foam to the liquid and vice versa, looking for the best option. So, you can try to use them both to find out which form is the best for you!