Shaving ritual for a real man

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14 Sep

Traditions passing through the centuries preserve the best that society has: rituals, habits, useful skills, concepts about good and evil. Some of them do not change, despite the social upheavals. Other traditions depend on fashion trends and periodically arise from nothing.

Shaving with a straight razor is an ancient male ritual. The invention of modern shaving tools like a safety razor or trimmer reduced the need for this classical tool. However, its popularity began to grow again in recent years. Why? Probably, because real men need something more than a mere mechanical process. It should be a ritual that is dangerous and masculine at the same time. Let's discuss the benefits and features of this accessory and how to use it.

Shaving ritual for a real manThe shaving ritual took its origin millennia ago. The first lovers of a smooth face shaved with tools made of sharpened silicon plates. When people learned how to utilize copper and iron, hundreds of various accessories had been made to attain the best tool for safe and clean shaving. Finally, a straight razor appeared in England in the middle of the 18th century. Surprisingly as it may seem, the author of the invention is B. Getsman, a watchmaker by profession and the inventor of the steel production method.

Shaving ritual for a real manUntil the middle of the 20th century, a straight razor was the primary tool used every morning by most men. Someone shaved on their own, while others preferred the services of a barber. In the old days, in addition to their direct duties, barbers could entertain their clients, telling various stories and ongoing news. It was a ritual and a great pastime.

Today, not everyone can afford to visit barbershops so frequently and to admit, not all barbershops are that entertaining as they used to be several decades ago. Therefore, it's better to master the process yourself. It will take time and money. As a result, you will get sensations comparable to meditation.

The benefits of a straight razor

Believe us, a man with a straight razor in his hands looks more brutal. No one argues that the first glance at the blade raises concerns. But, as soon as you hold it in your hand, you will gain confidence that the procedure is is safe and elegant. You should also take into consideration the opinion of your soulmate. Imagine her delight at the sight of your confident movements with a sparkling blade. Surgical precision is always impressive.Shaving ritual for a real man

The quality of shaving with a straight razor is absolutely perfect. If you compare it to a safety razor or a trimmer, you will notice the difference. Shaving with a straight razor makes the skin smooth without irritation.

Why is a straight razor so good?

  • Firstly, the length of the blade allows you to cut a large area with one movement.
  • Secondly, it has firm material, and the razor is very sharp.
  • And, thirdly, the blade removes dead epithelium and stimulates blood circulation. 

What do you need for shaving with a straight razor?

Shaving ritual for a real manAt first glance, nothing special, only a shaving brush, foam, or soap. But it's not that simple. First, we buy an instrument. It can be a classic straight razor or a shavette. The latter allows you to change the blades. Therefore, you do not need to worry about sharpening the tool. However, we still recommend a straight razor, as even a process of its sharpening has its own unique charm. Check out our article about straight razors to find out how to choose the one you need.

Shaving ritual for a real manThe second most important accessory is a shaving brush. It is not necessary to buy a model with natural badger hair. There are cheap models from boar hair or synthetic materials. It is an essential tool to whip up a thick foam and distribute it evenly over the face. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this accessory. Inexpensive plastic models can cope with this task well. Check some options on Amazon!

Shaving ritual for a real manSoaps and shaving products. It's always better to use specialized soaps dedicated to beard care and shaving. Ordinary soaps can dry your skin and make the process of shaving unpleasant. Check out our articles about soaps for beard care and shaving. 

Don't forget to buy a styptic gel or crystal. Even experienced men need it as no one is safe from occasional cuts. These remedies can quickly stop bleeding, relieve soreness, and speed up the healing.


Make up your mind and join the club of men who use only a straight razor. When making a decision, remember - such a style of shaving does not like haste. This is a session of psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation rolled into one.