Shaving tips for teenagers

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05 Oct

The first hair on the cheeks and chin appears between the ages of 14 and 18. We know how anticipating it might be for a young man to wait when the first real beard grows. Its density mostly depends on genetics. Pay attention to what kind of beard your father or grandfather has - most likely, yours will be the same.

The speed of beard growth varies. In rare cases, young people have a dense beard that grows considerably fast to shave twice a day. Some shave daily, others a couple of times a week; In some cases, young men do not shave at all and have a long shaggy beard.

Some young people love specific beards and shape it accordingly, for example, leaving only thin stripes. Many young men prefer a three-day stubble. So take a look at your beard when it starts growing and decide how to shape it. You should choose for yourself the style that most reflects your inner world and identity. Since facial hair grows much faster than the hair on the scalp, you can always quickly and painlessly change your image.


When the first hair begins to appear on the face, it will most likely be the hair above the upper lip - the mustache. At first, only these should be shaved off. You will have to shave off the mustache more often than the beard - the stubble on the chin and cheeks can still be removed once a week.

There are two ways to shave: wet (classic) and dry with an electric shaver.

For wet shaving, you will need a razor, foam, gel or soap, and some additional accessories.Shaving tips for teenagers


There are disposable razors that should be thrown away after you shave once, as well as those that are reusable.

The razor you shave must be used by you alone. Never give it to your brother, and don't take either it from your father or mother. Everyone should have their own.

It is best to use razors with two, three, or five blades - they are specially designed for a safe and cleaner shave of hard-to-reach areas on the face. Avoid shaving with a single-blade razor as the chance of cutting is higher. 

Shaving tips for teenagers

Shaving foam, gel, or soap:

It is preferable to use a foam or gel containing glycerin. It makes the razor glide smoothly. Avoid using soaps or other products that contain alcohol, as they dry out your skin.

Additional accessories:

If you use a shaving brush, it should be stiff with elastic bristles. With the help of a shaving brush, the hairs are lifted and softened. It is not at all necessary that it be made of natural bristles. You can buy a cheap synthetic one. Buy also a holder, then the shaving brush will not undergo deformation and will always remain dry. Remember that bacteria grows on wet bristles.

Use a peeling cream once a week, which removes dead skin cells.

To keep the skin on the face soft and fragrant, apply aftershave to it. It can be a cream, balm, gel, or lotion.