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15 Jun

We all know how good is minoxidil for stopping hair loss and regrowing new hair. But, unfortunately, it is not perfect! It still has a list of side effects that might cause inconveniences. Even though these side effects do not come around very often, some of us may still face them. And on such occasions, we must be prepared and know how to deal with them...

The most common side effects of minoxidil are itching and dandruff. In some rare cases, it may cause low blood pressure, face swelling, and heart palpitation. In the most exceptional situations, it can enhance hair growth throughout the body. Some side effects usually disappear after several days of use.

In this article, we discuss the most frequent cases of minoxidil side effects and the ways of dealing with them.

1. Enhanced hair falling after minoxidil

I have started using minoxidil, and my hair is falling out even more! Is this medication not suitable for me?

Well, this happens quite often, and there is nothing abnormal in it. After a few months, the hair should grow back. It is believed that weakened hairs fall out, and healthier ones grow in their place. This phenomenon is often referred to as a temporary hair loss in contrast to aggressive forms of baldness.

2. How to treat dandruff caused by minoxidil?

After two weeks of usage, minoxidil may cause dandruff-like flakes. But, it is not ordinary dandruff but flakes that form after the applied minoxidil dries. It is hard to distinguish it from regular dandruff. It can appear even if you use minoxidil once a day. This can cause many additional inconveniences. Even washing your hair with an expensive shampoo does not save the situation every time. It is hard to wash off all the flakes.

However, there is a simple solution. You need to rinse your hair with hot water. It should be really hot, not warm. Five minutes is enough to wash off all flakes due to the high temperature. The water temperature should not be painful. If pain occurs during rinsing, reduce the temperature of the water.

Another way to deal with this ailment is to switch to another minoxidil brand. These flakes occur after using cheap minoxidil brands that do not contain additional substances preventing this situation. Therefore, you can always change the brand and buy something more expensive but with an enhanced formula like SPECTRAL.DNC-N of DS Laboratories brand. The cost of treatment increases, but you have to pay for the quality.

3. Minoxidil is addictive!

Minoxidil is addictive and has a so-called drug withdrawal syndrome. The main danger of minoxidil lies in the fact that it loses its efficiency over time, usually after 2-3 years of systematic use. Over time, the capillaries, which used to expand under the action of minoxidil, do not widen anymore. They become no longer sensitive to the components of minoxidil. Furthermore, the bulbs accustomed to receiving abundant nutrition during this period stop receiving it, and intense hair loss begins.

That is why you need to increase its dosage permanently like an addict! Just think about it! In the 80s, all brands contained only 2% minoxidil! In the 90s, 5% minoxidil appeared, now it reaches 15%. The higher the dosage, the more side effects it brings. 

Moreover, some brands have started adding to their formula various potent substances, including hormones, to somehow preserve the effect of minoxidil.

So, you become a "hostage" of minoxidil. You have to use it constantly and constantly increasing its dosage over time. Minoxidil is a medication that needs to be used regularly. And if minoxidil causes side effects in you, then it becomes dangerous, and its usage is impossible.