Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

5 min read
30 Nov

Author: Gio Jordania

Growing a beard is possibly the best decision you will ever make in your life! Trust me - I know because I have one.

However, on your beard growing endeavor, you are bound to run into some issues due to either lack of experience or just unavoidable mistakes. Trust me, I have made plenty of those, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. I have stumbled more than my fair share when it comes to beard grooming mistakes.

That is why I have decided to put together of list of what the most common mistakes are that people make when it comes to growing out a beard so that you can avoid making them.

1. Not using Beard Oil

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

This is the most crucial thing for beard growth, in my opinion. Most people tend to believe that there is no benefit to using beard oil in the early stages of beard growth and only the follicly gifted as a tool for grooming. This is far from the truth, though, and here is why:

  • Beard oils retain moisture. They are full of beneficial substances needed to feed both the skin and hair. Unlike your face, beard oil will help moisturize those hard to reach areas under your beard to help ensure optimal growth.
  • Oils help with itching, which can be a real pain when growing out your beard. They also help heal wounds and stimulate hair follicles.
  • Beard oil can be excellent for grooming tough stray facial hairs that are out of place and makes combing more comfortable, which otherwise can be quite painful. 
  • Giving your beard an overall much more appealing appearance.

2. Trimming too much

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

Although I understand the urge to continually trim your beard due to old habits or just not liking the overall appearance in the initial stages. Trimming your beard too much can be extremely detrimental, mostly for your morale! Your beard will continue to grow, and you will have no visual cues as to how much progress you made because you are simply not giving your beard enough time to mature.

  • Take into consideration the shape of your face and trim according to a style that suits your features (See our blog about beard styles).
  • Try to cut as little as possible.
  • Only trim when your beard is dry, never when it is wet.

3. Washing with the wrong Products

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

Washing your beard should be a regular part of grooming. However, using the wrong products can be extremely detrimental to your beard growth journey. Using regular hand soap or hair shampoo to wash your beard can dry out hair follicles and cause hair to become brittle and cause split ends. Furthermore, regular shampoo tends to strip your beard of natural oils that help keep the skin under your facial hair healthy and moisturized.

I use Bossman brand shampoo, which works just great when used twice a week to keep my beard clean. Using it more leaves my skin dry, and beard dandruff begins to occur. However, this is individual to the person and requires some experimentation to determine how often you can use beard shampoo. I just happen to have dry skin and can not tolerate using it more than twice a week. 

4. Believing Myths

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

Let me clarify! Not all the information out there about beard grooming is false. However, with a spike in the popularity of beards, some myths that were considered dead for quite some time have reemerged. For example:

"My beard is patchy. Therefore, I will never be able to rock a full beard" - This is simply not true. With 3-4 months of growth, most patches fill in.

"Beards make summer unbearable" - Quite the opposite! Beards can have a cooling effect in the summer.

"Shaving regularly will cause the hair to grow faster and thicker" There isn't any sufficient evidence to back up this statement, realistically beard thickness and hair follicle growth is a genetic factor. 

5. Giving up too soon

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while growing a beard

Most of us have been there! You look in the mirror after just 2-3 weeks of growth and thought to yourselves this: isn't working out. Which usually ends with shaving off your beard and nullifying the real progress you've made. However, I strongly urge you to consider the fact that maybe you haven't given your beard the time required to mature to its full potential. Even the guys with the patchiest facial hair can achieve a glorious beard given the right care and time.

Yes, growing a beard can be a lengthy process and requires a serious time investment, but as someone who has been through all of this, I can testify to the fact that it's worth the wait. I always recommend waiting at least two months before deciding to give up. Stay vigilant, have patience, and the results will surprise you.