Derma Roller for Hair Loss

We all realize that hair treatment is quite expensive in some cases. Not everyone trusts the beauty salons when the issue concerns hair growth. However, with the advent of a derma roller, treatment procedures can be done at home. Thanks to this device, mesotherapy has become an easy and affordable procedure.

What is a derma roller?

It's a revolutionary device in the form of a roller with small needles created to stop hair loss. The purpose and type of a derma roller define needle size. This tool induces the growth of sleeping hair follicles, saturates roots, and improves blood circulation. If you use a derma roller with proper nutritional masks, the result will be more efficient.

Derma Roller for Hair LossWhat are derma roller results?

A derma roller helps to avoid hair loss. It improves some functions of hair follicles and scalp, which affect the growth and nutrition of hair roots. After using a derma roller, you will notice that new hair appears, and hair gets thicker. As far as we know, the procedure also heals scars after hair transplantation in a short time. The use of nutritious cosmetics along with a derma roller accelerates the result. Due to this device, the scalp actively absorbs auxiliary substances through small channels formed on the skin surface. As a result of regular procedures, hair becomes thick and healthy, baldness disappears.

Types of derma roller

To choose the device, first, you should identify the type of hair loss, as well as for which part of the head you will use it. Beauty salons use the needle length from 0.2 mm to 5 mm to improve hair health and combat hair loss. The longer is a needle, the stronger is influence on hair growth.

Dermarollers differ in the quality of material, purpose, length, and number of needles. Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages.

We can classify them by:

Needle material:

Silver - has antibacterial properties.

Plastic - breaks easily, is short-lived.

Titanium - can serve several dozen procedures.

Steel - serves only 10 procedures.

The number of needles on a roller:

Two hundred needles - the most common type.

From 540 to 1200 pcs.

Needle length:

From 0.2 mm - it's used for delicate skin to reduce pores, smooth wrinkles, and improve hair structure.

0.5 mm - it smoothes out the skin, fights wrinkles around the eyes.

1.0 mm - it narrows large pores, reduces hyperpigmentation and wrinkles on the face, gives a powerful anti-aging effect.

2.0 mm - gets rid of cellulite, strong wrinkles.

5.0 mm - is used against baldness and for professional purposes.

Derma Roller for Hair LossHow to use a derma roller


First, you should sanitize the instrument before use. For this, You can place it in a solution of amidine, alcohol, or another antiseptic. Next, dry the tool. After, place it so that the needles do not touch other surfaces. You should clean your derma roller before and after use. If particles of a disinfectant remain on the derma roller, you must not use it.

Cleansing the scalp.

Before starting the procedure, you need to wash your hair and dry it. There must be no shampoo residue on the skin.

Divide the hair into areas, and apply a mask or other nutrients to each. You should not put much pressure on the skin, just easily roll the device on the head. Movements should be in one direction. Don't forget to take it off from the skin regularly. For each area, use a derma roller only once, to avoid pain shock.

After the procedure, you can imply minoxidil or another anti-hair loss remedy on the scalp. After using the device, the scalp becomes more sensitive to external stimuli. So, don't hesitate the skin - don't rub or wash your hair under very hot or cold water. You should not carry out mesotherapy more than twice a week.

After each procedure, clean the instrument under a stream of warm water and then disinfect it. Store the device only in the case. The use of derma roller is acceptable both with cosmetics and without them. You will get much better results if you use it with a mask or other tool.

Where can I buy a Derma Roller?

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