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Laser helmets for hair loss appeared long ago. But helmets for home use arrived on market shells only a decade ago. Their manufacturers promise a marvelous transformation of your hair: reducing hair loss, enhancing growth, increasing hair diameter, improving their structure and appearance after 8-16 weeks. Is it so, and is it worth buying a laser helmet? We will discuss it in this article.

How does a laser helmet work?

The helmet acts on the hair follicles through low-intensity "cold" laser radiation, which can penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis. Laser rays contribute to more intensive cell division, improve local blood circulation (and, therefore, the flow of oxygen and nutrients), and thereby stimulate the work of follicles. Also, laser energy is easily transformed into biological energy and enters the process of protein synthesis - the building material for our hair.

In some models, laser exposure alternates with scalp massage, which increases the overall performance.

Manufacturers often write that the helmet "revitalizes asleep follicles." It's important to understand that there are no sleeping follicles. It's just a myth. If the follicle does not produce hair, it's dead, and you cannot call it sleeping. Consequently, no new-fangled device can resurrect it.

Laser helmets for hair growthNew or well-forgotten old?

First laser hair treatment appeared in Hungary in the late sixties, so the laser helmet cannot be called a novelty. We can say that this is old technology in a new package. The difference is that, in the past, laser treatment was available only in clinics and beauty salons. A professional laser installation takes up a lot of space and is expensive. The invention of a laser helmet made it possible to adapt this technology for home use, as well as to make it more convenient - put it on and it acts immediately on the entire surface of the head.

Are laser helmets safe?

Laser hair treatment has no side effects if you follow the instructions for use. According to the manufacturers, you should use a laser helmet no more than 2-4 times a week for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, you can get a scalp burn. It's contraindicated in case of oncological diseases, hemophilia (low blood coagulation), facial paralysis, neoplasms in the head area, acute inflammatory processes, dermatological problems, and pregnancy.

Where can I buy Laser Helmets?

Laser HelmetHairMax is one of the best and well-known companies producing Laser Helmets. HairMax pioneered the science behind laser hair regrowth technology. Laser devices utilize these four highly effective elements:

1) Patented Hair Parting Teeth - Hair is a photoprotectant, which means that it acts as a natural light blocker for the scalp. The hair-parting mechanism parts your hair to create a pathway for the optimal amount of laser light to reach your scalp for maximum benefit.

2) Laser Density - HairMax laser diodes are closely placed within the devices to provide a consistent and uniform delivery of laser light to your follicles. No other device has this advantage.

3) Laser Intensity - This focused laser light is absorbed by the scalp to reach your follicles for optimal results. Unlike LED light which is not collimated or focused.

4) Full Scalp Coverage - LaserBand 82 provides coverage equal to 246 total lasers when moved 3x over scalp.

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